The council of Frances baard District Municipality appointed her as its Municipal Manager from 01 november 2012 for a period of 5 years. Top political and administrative structures, fBDM: Council Organogram. About the Council, executive mayor: Cllr. She was elected as the new executive mayor of the Frances baard District Municipality on Speaker: Cllr. He completed Grade 12 at Pampierstad High School in 2003. . He was elected as the African National Congress (ANC) youth league regional Secretary in november 2009 and re-elected to the same position in July 2011. He also serves as a member of the anc regional Committee and the anc youth league provincial Committee.

baard types provincial Committee. . In may 2011 he was nominated as a pr councillor of the African National Congress and was elected to serve as a member of the mayoral Committee and Chairperson of the Infrastructure development Committee of the Frances baard District Municipality. His goal is to ensure that the political mandate of the ruling party is carried out in terms of eradicating poverty through job creation as well as addressing the Infrastructure backlog in the previously disadvantage communities. He was elected as the new speaker of the Frances baard District Municipality on zm bogatsu, mamikie bogatsu has been involved in local government since 2004 and has been providing legal services to not only to the department of cooperative governance, human Settlements and Traditional. She was seconded by the mec of coghsta as the acting Municipal Manager for Frances baard District Municipality in January 2012.

She obtained her National Diploma in Public Management at lm mangope college in taung. She started her political career in 1986 while she was still at school as afvallen a member of cosas and also served as branch secretary and deputy chairperson. She held several positions in the anc and served as youth league branch chairperson (3 terms womens league branch chair and branch secretary. Currently she is serving as anc rec member (second term rwc member and Womens league regional deputy chairperson. In 1994 she was a volunteer for the first national elections, doing door-to-door campaigning and voter education on how to vote. In 2011 she was democratically elected as an anc ward councillor at Magareng Local Municipality and served as the chairperson of the infrastructure committee. She was seconded to Frances baard District Municipality as a councillor serving in two different portfolios namely, chairperson of the municipal Public Account Committee (mpac) and an additional member of the infrastructure committee. She held these positions until the end of the term of office of this council in July 2016. She was elected as the new executive mayor of the Frances baard District Municipality on Cllr. McDonald was born on the 09th April 1985 in Pampierstad and has two brothers. He completed Grade 12 at Pampierstad High School in 2003.

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Frances goitsemang baard, background of the municipality, our district is predominantly a mining and agricultural district, with a lot of potential yet unlocked. The climate is favorable for recepten outdoor living with a great number of sunny days throughout the year. Two of the largest rivers, the Orange and the vaal, flow through our district. Our population has been estimated at 387 742 in Census 2016 and we have a reputation for being friendly and hospitable people in the Province of the northern Cape. The district comprises of four local municipalities plus a rural district management area. Kimberley, located maanden in Sol Plaatje municipality, is the capital of the province, and also the home of our head offices as a district municipality. Frances baard District Municipality is the smallest district in the northern Cape; however, it accommodates the largest proportion of the population of the province. MayorSpeakerActing Municipal Manager, cllr. Bv ximba, buyiswa ximba was born on 16 november 1968 and matriculated at Majeng High School.

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Field research. Signatus can furthermore provide insight in suitability of evaluated research methods for small tortoise species in rocky areas, since hardly any research has been carried on such species until now. In order to gather data on population characteristics and activity of the species, a 36,000 m2 field site was chosen in August 2000. This area was subdivided in microhabitats, such as relatively leveled habitat with many flowering herbs (in August rocky hill, extremely steep stone slabs, et cetera. All these microhabitats were methodically inspected for tortoises, during six weeks. Morphometrics, mass, sex, scute annuli number, presence of ticks, supernumeral scutes and shell damage, exact location in the field work area, et cetera was recorded. Moreover it was noted in what microhabitat each tortoise was located, and in what activity it was engaged. When a tortoise was hiding, details about the hiding place were written down.

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Overgrazing reduces food availability for herbivorous species, among others as a result of shifts in species composition of the vegetation, increasing the relative abundance of unpalatable species. Traffic, finally, causes many road causalities. Potential threats are unox furthermore droughts due to climatic change (rainfall has decreased during the past decades) and captive husbandry. Huge amount of money are paid for. Signatus in the commercial wildlife trade. So far south Africa has managed to limit illegal exports, but both for. Signatus and for other species endemic to the area, a small increase of the trade can have disastrous effects.

Obviously, responsible terrarium keepers stay away from purchasing such animals in the commercial trade. Research In case there may be a moment that survival. Signatus becomes critical, wildlife management measures will need to be taken. This is only possible with sufficient knowledge on the species. For instance, a reserve can only be founded when it is known whether the required food items are available in that area, as well as sites required for reproduction, hibernation, aestivation, when the size of the area will meet the species demands, et cetera. In order to have this knowledge, research is necessary. One part of the research can be conducted in captivity (this is also carried out within the homopus Research foundation, but for some aspects research in the wild is inevitable.

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The area is characterized by low rainfall in winter, and niet almost completely dry summers. Day temperatures in summer can rise above 40C, whereas night temperatures in spring can drop under. Vegetation in the area consists of mainly herbs, small shrubs and several grass species. Striking is the massive flowering of plants (especially annuals and perennials of the families Asteraceae and Mesembryanthemacaea) in spring, when some humidity is available, in combination with rising temperatures. Signatus occupies a harsh area, there is nevertheless a number of threats to the survival of this herbivorous species on the long term. First of all, the species has a relatively small distribution area, emphasizing its fundamental vulnerability. Additionally, the natural habitat is threatened by mining activity (mainly copper and granite overgrazing and road traffic. As a result of mining activity, habitat is being destroyed, and mines furthermore produce dust, decreasing plant growth, and therefore reducing food availability for herbivores. Overgrazing by goats and sheep occurs mainly in the communal areas, where increasing numbers of - less selective - goats are kept due to increasing drought.

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Upon completion of data processing, manuscripts containing detailed results will be submitted for publication in several international scientific journals. Signatus is found in northwestern, south Africa, in, namaqualand. The appearance of the species can be seen from the photograph. The species occupies a very distinct habitat, called Namaqualand Klipkoppe, a very rocky area. Reptile species occurring sympatrically with. Signatus in this area are the southern rock agama ( smoothie Agama. Atra karoo girdled lizard ( Cordylus polyzonus black spitting cobra ( Naja nigricollis woodi and many other species.

In the end of the period, two south Africans from the. University of the, western Cape participated as well. The study of, homopus is a private initiative, although important input from the University of the, western Cape and the Scientific Services of Cape nature conservation (both. South Africa ) is present. Therefore, no finances are being received from a university or similar organization, but instead the required budgets need to kopen be raised from other organizations. One of the organizations that made a donation for the 2000 field project is Tortoise Trust. In return, i would like to provide some information about the project. I have chosen to provide this information as a field report with some very brief and preliminary results, since it will take considerable time until all data will have been processed.

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Field diarree Report: Homopus signatus, victor loehr, in a part of 19, i have worked on setting up a field project on the. Namaqualand speckled padloper homopus. Signatus a small south African tortoise species reaching a carapace length of approximately. The preparations have resulted in a fieldwork period in August and September 2000. This concerned field research within the scope of a long-term project on the ecology of both subspecies of,. Cafer, within the recently founded Homopus Research foundation. In this first fieldwork period, two Americans, a german, and two dutch, including myself, participated.

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